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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

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BBC reports that conditions are as bad as reports suggested

Today (May 4, 2004) BBC News reports: "Darfur crisis 'tragic' - UN officials who have visited Sudan's western Darfur region say conditions there are as bad as reports suggested. James Morris of the UN's World Food Programme said it was "one of the world's worst humanitarian crises".

He confirmed earlier reports that more than a million people had been forced violently from their homes. He said Khartoum needed to regain control of nomadic Arab janjaweed militias, who are accused of driving out the African population.

Mr Morris, the WFP's executive director, led a fact-finding mission to the three states of Darfur from 28 to 30 April to gather information on the humanitarian situation in the region. He told the BBC World Service's Newshour programme that some humanitarian aid was getting through, but he called on the international community to provide more. Mr Morris said food was available for only about half of the displaced people. He said that without further assistance the people would "be put severely at risk" as the rainy season approaches.

"Everything has been taken away from these people. This is tragic," he said, adding that he had never before seen such frightened people."

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From The UK Today

British blogger Clive has written an excellent piece on the Sudan - A British Angle in his blog at The UK Today - with great suggestions on how bloggers can help raise awareness of the dreadful situation in the Sudan.

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