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Thursday, June 03, 2004

But has left Darfur out of it

Today's news from Passion of the Present: "Britain has drafted a UN resolution welcoming last week's peace deal in southern Sudan (AP, Reuters). Judging from these reports, Security Council members are missing another opportunity to act by leaving Darfur out of the resolution. A few paragraphs could make a real difference here - anyone have some tips on lobbying the Security Council?"
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Warm thanks to British blogger Clive at The UK Today for reminding bloggers what they can do to help and how to contact MPs direct by email and fax. Also, thank you to Doctor's Orders for commenting at Sudan - Again with this suggestion:

"...organise a youth group session on Darfur using this resource as a starting point and get your minister/vicar/CU to incorporate the issue in a sermon; write to the social studies department of your children's high school as a concerned parent - this is a geographical, historical and religious issue - and ask them to discuss the issue in lessons. Encourage all these "reached" people to write to their MP..."
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What a great idea to get teachers involved in this. I am pinging - via technorati - Neil of Teacher's Tales (who is a Religious Education teacher at a Catholic school in London, England) in the hope that he might float the suggestion to his teaching colleagues and fellow bloggers.
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Note, all of my previous posts on the Sudan continue to be listed under post dated May 30, 2004.

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