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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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How to make your blog more linkable and search engine friendly

Biz Stone works at Google on Blogger projects and in his spare time writes books about blogging. Eric Case is a Blogger guru and helps make sure Blogger works for us.

Eric collaborated with Biz to write neat (and this is why I love Blogger!) easy to follow instructions on how to make your blog more linkable and search engine friendly. Phillip E. Pascuzzo, a designer and illustrator living in New York, did the illustration work.
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The spark for syndication success

Warm thanks to Biz Stone for the pointer to FeedBurner. For a year I have tried to get such a feed sorted for my blog. And now, for the first time ever, I have managed to do it all by myself. It's real easy. Look at the top of my sidebar.

They say the next step is to make sure existing subscribers know I've made a change - and be sure to include my new feed URL. So here's letting my blogmates know, My new feed URL is Here is a summary of the FeedBurner services I have activated:

· This feed will be optimized for mobile feed readers
· The feed will be converted to the RSS 2.0 format
· Feed will be readable in all clients with Format SmartFeed
· The feed is browser-friendly
· Item-level statistics are gathered for this feed.

FeedBurner's HQ is in Chicago, Illinois and the team is: Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe, in alphabetical order. In 1999, they built Spyonit was chosen as one of Yahoo!'s Top 50 Most Useful Websites back in the day, and the company was sold in September of 2000. Good luck chaps.

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