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Friday, August 13, 2004

Reaches toward a new level of awareness

Jim Moore's latest posts at Passion of the Present are saying what I am thinking and posting about here: countries that do not believe in human rights, and that have long records of abuses, are joining with the Sudanese government to "calm" the situation. I've noticed too how quickly China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have come together to prop up the government in Sudan - and also, within the past week, the actions of these countries and their allied powers have become much more obvious and critical to the outcome in Sudan.

Jim has dubbed it the Genocide Bloc and says many experts believe that dealing with Sudan - and now the Genocide Bloc - is as relevant as Iraq to overall world security concerns. In his latest post he writes "we are witnessing in Sudan the coming together of a power bloc, anchored by China and operating across the middle east and Africa that does not share western values of democracy and human rights, that is economically powerful and controls a great deal of oil, and that can bring very great problems for the United States, not unlike those of the pre-war Iraq."
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The world could use a pro-human-rights bloc

In a reply to a comment at Passion of the Present, Jim Moore writes: "The world could use a pro-human-rights bloc. In a certain sense, for nations this is one of those situations where the old slogan applies: 'You are either [actively] part of the solution, or you are [consciously or unconsciously] part of the problem.' I agree with him when he says "the frightening thing about the Genocide Bloc is that it is achieving substantial influence over the situation in Sudan and in the international community." Which is why I've spent past few days writing posts on the UN's Declaration of Human Rights and Obligations - and posting comments at the blog of Clive Soley, a British Labour MP who is planning to write a Fabian paper on failing states.

Note Jim's telephone conversation with Jerry Fowler of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in a post on a blog campaign for Sudan.
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Note to self: Here's my latest question: When does a crime rise to the level at which sovereignty has been forfeited by the government in question?

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