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Sunday, August 01, 2004

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At Jim Moore's Journal in Boston

Jim Moore's latest post "Home run by John Kerry, language for leadership of all of America" says Senator John Kerry gave the speech of his life, the speech needed to win the election and replace George Bush. Interesting. It will be interesting to read other views.

In his post, Jim says John Kerry made a clear, clean commitment to doing what is needed to get the country going again. (btw do Americans think there is something wrong with America? Going by what else is going on around the world, it seems to me, Americans have never had it so good). Don, a reader of Jim's Journal, made the following comment , which I am copying here in full as it's from the heart and makes for interesting reading:

I watched most of his speech.

A lot of it sounded just like what President Bush says about the War on Terror and not letting any institution (the U. N.) hinder our own defense.

As a proud American I support President Bush and the Republicans.

Why Kerry keeps talking about Vietnam is a puzzle to me. I was against that war, exposed to the draft during the Vietnam War, voluntarily joined the United States Navy Reserves to serve my country in 1970, was glad when that war was over. Most of the country was against that war, yet today's Democrats seem to relish in the idea that Kerry went around killing Vietnamese in a war where we had no business being because Vietnam never threatened us.

Once again, Democrats make little sense to me...

Unlike President Bush who made the case against the enemies of the United States by going to Congress who gave him overwhelming approval to proceed with war. Who went to the United Nations (huge waste of time) and was cut-off by the French. By the way, that is the same France that Kerry thinks he can smooze if he were elected. LOL!

Dave Winer thinks Kerry made a home run with his Nomination Speech last night.

I say Kerry bunted poorly and was tagged out at the plate by Dick Cheney who also whispered something in his ear...

I do like the ideas of health care for all Americans. I'm for stem cell research. I'm for a good educational system. I'll work through my Republican representatives on those matters.

As for security, I could never vote for a Democrat. President Lyndon Johnson who promoted the Vietnam War was the worst President during my life for doing so. President Jimmy Carter was a wimp over Iran, a Nobel Prize Wimp nonetheless. President Bill Clinton didn't go to war when we were attacked and gave the green light to the North Koreans to build nuclear weapons.

Now I do want to know what President Bush intends to do to stop the threats from Iran, North Korea, and Syria. I already know diplomacy doesn't work with those countries. So when do the military operations start? Those are the key questions I want to know.

So after last night's speech by Kerry, I think the undecided vote will start moving towards President Bush's camp. Americans know he can be counted on to defend us and take preemptive military action against our enemies.

If I were President Bush, I would nominate John Kerry as Special Ambassador to France today. I'd let him go make any deal with the French that the Americans could support in getting France to stop being obstructionists in the world. To get them to stop helping America's enemies develop weapons, to stop end-running U.N. sanctions (as they did in Iraq). I'd let Kerry do that and see just how far he gets by Election Day.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 8/01/2004
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