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Sunday, August 01, 2004

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A great blog by a trainee emergency doctor

Doc Schazam, the author of Mr. Hassle's Long Underpants, is a female emergency medicine resident in training at a trauma center in America.

If I wasn't so immersed in keeping up with what is going on in the Sudan, I would follow her blog more often. I enjoy and admire her honesty. Her writing is prolific, peppy, lighthearted, heavyhearted and humourous and takes you through a gamut of emotions covering the daily highs and lows of life as trainee emergency doctor.

My guess is that Doc Schazam writes in the way that she speaks because you can 'hear' her voice, sense her mood and personality.

She writes generously about her work and life and posts pictures of herself which give you a good an insight into her as a person, what she thinks and how she takes care of patients. And the hell of being horribly overworked while healing from back surgery. The posts that I've read were all compelling, engrossing, amusing and touching.

If ever you have reason to be helicoptered to a trauma center in America, you'd sure like someone like Doc Schazam to be there for you and squeeze your hand or give you a reassuring hug.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 8/01/2004
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