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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Having trouble capturing site URLs for linking here

Today, when I capture the URL from a site, for linking within a post here, I get a whole string of 20% characters inbetween the name - for instance the link to BBC news homepage turns out looking like this:

http%3A// %0A%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20BBC%20NEWS%20%7C%20News%20Front%20Page

I'm pasting the full link to the BBC news homepage here below so I can see how it looks when I publish. I use a PowerBook G4 and have emptied my Safari browser cache - reset it - cleared history but it is still happening. Apple tech support is closed until tomorrow morning. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Is it a bug or a virus? I've been digging around some iffy sites in Sudan today and wouldn't be surprised if they have something to do with it. Sudan News Agency made a blogmates computer crash - and made mine go haywire last week. Comments or email would be most appreciated. Thanks.



Well, as you can see - the link is live but does not lead to the BBC news homepage - it leads to a Blogger page. I use "Bog this!" tool to capture the links - could it be something wrong with the Blogger tool? Does anyone have any ideas - should I email Blogger? I can't publish any links here until it's sorted -- curiously, I am writing a story that looks into my question about the millions of people that seem to be missing in the stats on Darfur -- along with another story about China/oil/minerals in South Darfur... but I can't post the links to share with you what I've found. Spooky ;-)

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