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Thursday, November 18, 2004

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Yet still the UN refuses to act

When Mr Annan wrote to the Sudanese president in May, it was to warn him that the world was tiring of the killings. We must act, the UN said then, it is urgent.

When Mr Annan travelled to Khartoum in June, the message was the same. We must act, the UN said, it is urgent.

When the UN Security Council passed its resolution on 30 July, they were acknowledging that Darfur had become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. We must act, they said, it is urgent.

When they met again in September, they gave Sudan more time. But if it did not comply with their demands, they said, they would act.

So, what of today’s meeting? Today, they will say we must act. It is urgent. But they won’t. And in the time it took to read this, another person died.

See full report Genocide out of control yet still the UN refuses to act.

A Sudanese girl cradles her baby sister outside their hut in a refugee camp at Krinding, near the Chad border.
Picture: Getty Images

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 11/18/2004
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