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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is being decided in Ohio, USA

At the moment it is 6.29 am. Awoke at 4.15 am. Pitch dark and cold outside. Switched on fire and TV to find President Bush ahead in votes. Seems it didn't start that way when the news special started at midnight.

News cameras were taken into the White House where Mr Bush was sitting in an armchair, looking relaxed in shirt and tie, surrounded by family and friends stitting in armchairs. Considering the gruelling re-election process and campaigning, he looked remarkably well, genuinly happy and beamed a smile at the cameras with a twinkle in his eye.

Within an hour, Fox and ABC News projected a Bush win in Florida. Mr Kerry is sitting in a hotel in Boston watching the returns coming through. The count is still on in Ohio. Right now, Fox News predicts Bush wins Ohio.

Although Senator Kerry has won Pennsylvania, people speaking on his behalf are thin on the ground. Hardly anyone in the Kerry camp has given a public statement since the Bush win in Florida was predicted. The square in the center of Boston looks quiet compared to the Reagan Building near the White House which is jumping with live country and western music.

If the newswires and pundits are correct, indications are that Mr Bush will be President of the United States for another four years. Electoral College votes, at the moment, are Bush 249 Kerry 221. It could still go the Democrats way but one pundit says for Kerry to catch up now would be like climbing everest with one leg.

If Mr Bush wins Ohio, the Presidency will definitely be his. Everything still hinges on Ohio. Seems we still have to wait another hour or two. More later. It's been said the future of the free world is being decided in Ohio, USA.
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Commiserations to Senator Kerry and supporters

It's 4.35 pm here Wednesday afternoon. I've just caught the tail end of a TV news bulletin. Senator Kerry has conceded in a telephone call to President Bush. Formal announcement is expected at six o'clock news tonight. President Bush has been elected for four more years. The Democrats must be terribly disappointed.

It's estimated 120 million Americans voted and the whole process, of both sides campaigning, cost around two billion US dollars. Both candidates did perfectly well. Each fought an amazing campaign. They could not have tried any harder that's for sure. In the final analysis, what I believe went wrong for the Democrats was that they never conveyed what they were about. We never really got to know what Mr Kerry was all about or what he believed in. It seemed he was on auto pilot taking instructions and tips from his advisers - like if he carried everything out without making a mistake, it would be a winning formula.

Some people portray Mr Bush as a stupid buffoon He may have clay feet and speak in simple straight terms but he seems like an OK guy and is certainly no dummy. See my previous post re comments at Pauly's post as an example of how Mr Bush is perceived as a fun guy who can hang out in his sweats with a beer and pretzels watching tv sport. One commenter imagined Mr Kerry at home with cognac and caviar, dressed in a suit.

With Mr Bush, what you see is what you get. He means what he says. You get the feeling you know what he is all about. With Mr Kerry, one never knew what he thought or stood for. His drive just seemed to be ambition to get into the White House and continue elite networking. He appeared to have no genuine burning desire to change the world and make it a better place. In other words, Mr Kerry and his friends are part of a wealthy snobby elite that talk down to people and don't really have a clue how the other half live or what makes them tick. People are not stupid. Bush knows this and is not a snob.

Thankfully, it's all over. I am pleased with the outcome and believe it was for the best. God bless America.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 11/03/2004
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