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Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry's a winner. Bush's a poker buddy

Pauly, an American blogger in New York City, reveals the results of his recent poll: Kerry's the winner.

The second poll (Who would you rather invite to your home poker game? Bush or Kerry?) is a good laugh: Bush won by a landslide. Make sure you read the comments. There are some hilarious answers from Pauly's fellow poker bloggers.

Pauly thinks that's part of the reason why so many undecided voters might end up voting for Bush: he has a likeable quality, that despite his politics, you can sit down and have a conversation with the guy; he's flawed and that makes him more real... more like one of the guys... than Kerry, who often appears stiff and overtalks like a two-bit preacher with that cheesy used car salesman's smile.

Verdict: Pauly's readers have spoken. Send Kerry to the White House and let Bush play in your home games.

Can Kerry succeed like the Red Sox?
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Note: On the Internet, I get the feeling it is mostly 20-30 something American liberals who blog. So, I've a hunch that Pauly's poll was not a fair cross section of society as it gives no clue as to how the over 40's, who are not computer users, may vote - especially senior citizens. I would not be surprised if Bush wins by a clear margin - even a landslide.
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If the election were held yesterday, Kerry would be the winner with 272 electoral votes; Bush would lose with 266 votes. Pauly says whoever wins Florida and Ohio will be President.

What a nuisance there is a third party in Nader. Seems like a wasted vote. What is the point in voting for someone who has no chance of winning? If you vote for Nader, it's like voting for Bush AND Kerry.

Pauly says he doesn't think the recent Osama tape made any difference (I agree) and was disturbed by the number of people who admitted they were not voting or voting for third party candidates... almost 18% of the total votes cast. An alarming number of these people live on the West Coast and in New York.

If you are an American, no matter who you vote for -- please make sure you, your friends and family vote. Every vote counts. Make sure you vote. The world depends on it.
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Note, this tracker loads the most recent poll as the default option. Check back for updates as new data is published.

Also, if you are in Britain the Sudan Times TV guide for tomorrow, Tuesday 2 November, says: 11.50pm - 5.00am "US Election" on BBC1; and 12.30 midnight - 5.30am on ITV1 West "America Decides - An ITV News Special".

Hopefully I'll be awake flicking between the two channels. I've not yet decided whether to try and stay up late (and miss the finale) or go to bed real early, sleep 6-7 hours, wake up and watch it through to 5.30 am. Maybe it's best to go to bed early and set the video to cover the first 2-3 hours if needed.

Wish I hadn't scheduled Ophelia's vet for 11.30 am Wed Nov 4. Our routine will be all upside down and Ophelia may stay outside longer than usual and won't be here when her vet arrives with her booster shots (she senses these things).

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