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Friday, November 19, 2004


Thanks to Mike at Clear and Present for posting on the Sudan - and for pointing out news re UN staff making historic vote of no confidence in Annan. [apologies for broken link earlier]
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UPDATE - November 20 report from The Times - Staff revolt gathers pace at UN. Protest against top management is an embarrassment for Kofi Annan.

Note the report, although not about the Sudan, carries a photo and caption "displaced villagers in North Darfur who need help urgently, but the resolution passed by the Security Council was described as unaminous inaction."
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UPDATE - November 22 - Update: British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, along with many others, are working towards the reform of the UN. Kofi Annan has produced a paper re the UN, due out in December. My view is the UN needs to be reformed as a matter of urgency. Here's one of the reasons why: China has just signed a 30-year oil deal with Irain. If the UN Security Council finds itself needing to take action on nuclear issues, it will be blocked and made helpless, just like it is when it comes to taking action and imposing sanctions on Sudan.

Kofi Annan's successor needs to be brought in to oversee and steer UN reform as quickly as possible. Kofi Annan should not remain in office until his terms expires in 2006. Jim Moore and others at the Passion agree that Kofi Annan should step down. Patrick Hall disagrees.

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