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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Should be TIME's People of the Year

I have spent today posting at the Passion. Two visitors are arriving in an hours time. Yesterday, the guest bedroom facing the sea was re-decorated the most perfect light but warm pale blue. Blue is not an easy colour to choose for walls as it can look too cold or dark or babyish. Thanks to a dear friend, the room now has the right grey dove blue. It looks so pretty, seasidey and cheery and will look even cosier when the right fabrics and nick nacks and stuff are in place, along with new fitted carpet in January/February after the hallway has been re-decorated 2nd or 3rd week in January. Ceiling and woodwork was painted with Dulux White Linen, a really lovely soft white.

Ophelia is fast asleep on her chair by the fire and is as perfect as ever. It is cold outside and pitch dark, drizzling with fine rain that could easily turn to powdery snow. In honour of my guests, I am wearing a soft wool red scarf around my neck. Well one has to make an effort eh? They are bringing a really good bottle of Port and have warned me it is so great they are unable to leave the bottle behind after we have all had a glass. It must be everso good. But I dread telling them I really do not feel up to even having a sip. Makes me sound such a lemon and seem a real dampener. But these days even a drop of brandy in a sweet goes straight through my veins and into my toes and makes me feel more ill. If my energy slows down any more I'd be dead. Heh. Just joking but you get the idea. I am so glad I've spent some great years burning the candle at both ends and having a fun time, otherwise these days I'd feel like I am missing out on life, which I am but at least I have experienced what I am missing out on and have been almost everywhere I've ever wanted to go. More later.

Here are some eyecatching images:


And InstaPundit's post that explains them via Micro Persuasion.


Good Gift for any law student

This post via InstaPundit is for law student John Fitzgerald to say thank you for attending the Darfur vigil in New York and posting a write-up. I think it's really neat that I found news of a vigil in New York, emailed a blogger to let them know, they attended and wrote it up. Citizen journalism eh?

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