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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mobile German Hot Dog Man

Grill Walker....a mobile sausage seller

The mobile hot dog man in Alexanderplatz [via Danger! High Postage blog of the 17th best mini-golfer in britain!]

Note, Donna in comments at Danger! High Postage writes: "Erm, I don't think I want the sausage in the middle, thanks!"

Serious detail

[via Baltic Diaries... A journey away from home]


This photo is not of the same hot dog man. I've posted it here because I've noticed a pole sticking out of the back pack in each photo. Maybe it's some sort of sign that dangles above Grill Walker's head so customers can see him above heads in a crowd. It's easy to imagine Grill Walkers working the crowds doing a good turnover and making a tidy profit. Maybe its a franchise. Great idea. Ice creams - donoughts - hot pretzels ...

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 12/14/2004
How can I purchase a grill walker in the United States?
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