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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is big media on the run?

In his post at MSNBC titled "Big media on the run?" Prof Glenn Reynolds of writes:
"Do blogs and other alternative media have traditional media organizations running scared? Some people are saying so, but I think there's more going on than fear. Still it's clear that the blogosphere is having an impact.

This past weekend I attended the BlogNashville conference at Belmont University, billed as the largest blogging conference to date. There were some representatives of Big Media organizations there, one of whom said straighforwardly "I'm here out of fear," but others of whom were looking for ways to incorporate blogs, and bloggers, into their operations."
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Looks interesting. I'm keeping it aside to read later on. Just wanted to share it here right away. I think professional journalists have lots of reasons to fear blogland. Chewing over and pointing out rubbish in mainstream media, along with the spin, truths, half-truths, downright lies, political propaganda and character assassinations is what we bloggers, around the world, are placed to do well.
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Today, Instapundit points out:

Tim Worstall's weekly Britblog Roundup where Scaryduck gets top billing.

Along with Adam Cohen's unimpressive ruminations on blog ethics in today's New York Times.

And Virginia Postrel who writes in Forbes, "There's something about blogs that makes a lot of respectable journalists hyperventilate."


P.S. Foundations can expect more scrutiny in an age of weblogs, according to this article.

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