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Saturday, June 13, 2009


YouTube: Keep The Dead Flag Flying

On listening to the "Keep The Dead Flag Flying" YouTube (copied here below) I thought the song was quite catchy but would be more educational if the words "New Labour" were replaced by the words "Old Labour". In recent elections, as a Blairite, instead of abstaining, I voted tactically for the Green Party and Liberals in order to protest against unelected Marxist Gordon Brown and his Stalinist ways.

The way I see the Labour Party is this. It has been divided ever since Tony Blair arrived on the scene and made it electable. There are two Labour parties: Old Labour (aka Brownites) and New Labour (aka Blairites). The past 12 years have shown that without Tony Blair the two cannot be united.

Gordon Brown sounds mixed up and speaks with forked tongue because at heart he is really Old Labour and is beholden to the unions who backed him and not Tony Blair. They relished and stoked character assassinations against Tony Blair portraying him as a liar. Where are the likes of George Galloway these days compared to the days when Mr Blair was in office, I wonder.

Old Labour is for the unions and communists which, in this day and age of globalisation, makes it unelectable. New Labour is for those of us who are centre left, on the side of workers, wanting a fairer society. But Brown and his Brownites resent Tony Blair and the Blairites because he/they managed to moderate the die hard commies and make the Labour Party strong enough to be electable for three terms.

Without New Labourites, Old Labour is just a bunch of last century commies. If the Blairites started another party it could become electable but the same cannot be said of Old Labour who will always (happily, I think, it's in their genes) remain in opposition moaning with the BNP.

Alastair Campbell's latest blogpost [June 13, 2009 - A House Divided?] tells us that a house divided against itself cannot stand and he quotes Jesus Christ: "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand."

After 40 years, many of us in my age group (I am a few weeks older than Tony Blair) who suffered working through the three-day week and the Thatcher era will never vote Labour or Conservative again because we fear both, which is why I think UKIP is growing and the BNP is attracting people from the far left and right with slogans such as "British jobs for British workers".

Apart from serving his own ambitions, who is Gordon Brown catering to? Last week's TV programme Question Time featured a worker from LDV who spoke passionately about how the company had been left up a creek without a paddle for several months on end whilst trying to stay afloat and develop its new 'green' car. My heart went out to him when he said (sounding genuinely heartbroken) to QT Panelist Welsh Secretary Peter Hain (something along these lines): "You may have forgotten us but we will NEVER forget you when it comes to the next election." I'm glad he received a great round of applause.

What to do?  Our prime minister is an unelected Lord and the other prime minister is an unelected prime minister who is not up to the job and has turned England into a Stasi State. Peter Mandelson has a reputation for being ruthless and Machiavellian (not a good role model for youngsters) and appears hellbent on seeing through the privatisation of our precious Royal Mail and the decimation of village Post Offices. 

I say, bring back Tony Blair to complete the full third term that he promised and send Bruiser Brown back to Glasgow where he belongs.   Give unstinting support and respect to our troops, police and pensioners to whom we owe our freedoms. Bring back National Service and military hospitals for military personnel and, if possible, their dependents. Allow us to choose or vote in (or out) our local GPs. Make public the pros and cons of our parliamentary system and role in Europe and the Euro and allow people to vote on such important issues. There's an endless list of things that could be done to undo the damage that Gordon Brown and Old Labour have inflicted on England but it takes a charismatic leader like Tony Blair to pull it all together.

Scotsman Brown has a reputation for despising the English and their middle class and thinks it is OK to lie and destroy ones closest friends and colleagues. I'll never forget how Tony Blair ended up in hospital with a near heart attack and for how long he and his family had to endure the stresses and strains of Brown's incessant cruel bullying.  At least Cherie Blair now knows that voters have seen for themselves what she meant about the type of man living next door in Number 11.

Having said all that, I doubt very much if Mr Blair would put himself and his family through the hellhole world of the Brownites again. So, it would appear that the song - Keep The Dead Flag Flying - is pretty accurate:  Labour is dead. And, might I add, it is all Gordon Brown's doing. Tony Blair would still be in office if Gordon Brown had put New Labour first and not cheated voters by forcing him out of office before his term was up.

My hope for Mr Blair, if he cannot be persuaded to return to the snakepit of Westminster, is that he is presented with an opportunity to become a president of the EU and takes it. I for one will feel happy and proud to see him in such a well deserved position after the decade of hell he went through leading a thankless and unappreciative Labour Party.

Posted to YouTube by economicvoicedotcom 12 June 2009: Gordon Brown will not be singing this song. Lyrics By Dungeekin and Music performed by the Titanic Captain from The Economic Voice. Hat tip: Comments section at Guido Fawkes' blog, 13 June 2009.
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Update 9pm Saturday, 13 June 2009: I wrote the above in response to Alastair Campbell's blog post mentioned above. Earlier on today, i visited his website and posted a copy of the above, with a link to its page, in the comments section but it was not published. I guess comments posted to the site are moderated. On re-reading my original copy I noticed some errors so did a little editing and added the part re military hospitals. No doubt it needs a lot more editing but right now I am now overtired and finding it too difficult to concentrate.

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