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Friday, June 12, 2009


There's a NEW plot to get rid of Gordon Brown?

From CBS, June 12, 2009, by Ed Boyle, CBS Broadcasting Inc - excerpt:
Support For Gordon Brown Waning - Many Brits Dislike The Prime Minister

Psst. Don't tell them I told you, there's a new plot to get rid of him. It's totally hush hush. More than my life's worth to reveal the names. Actually only a few key Government Ministers know the details, and they'll swear blind they didn't have a clue.

Which is pretty well what happened last week to the great British political coup that never was.

A couple of years ago, many people realized that Gordon Brown was a bumbling electoral liability when he took over from Tony Blair as our Prime Minister. But nobody did anything about it.

So last Thursday, up come the first big elections - to the European Parliament. Gordon's ruling Labor Party gets trashed. Worst results EVER.

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