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Friday, September 26, 2003

The world's first planetarium-based group meditation experience

This is the world's first planetarium-based group meditation experience.

Meditainment UK use the latest in full surround sound technology and choreographed digital projection to create a totally new form of entertainment.

Sit back, relax, close your eyes and be taken on a journey of Imagination Reality (IR).

'Earthrise' is the first journey Meditainment have developed specifically for planetarium performances.

It combines deep relaxation techniques with entertainment in the form of a guided audio journey that will take you on an interstellar voyage, before you arrive on the Moon as the Earth rises over the lunar horizon.

Upcoming Dates: Monday 20 October 2003, 2.00 pm at Scottish Power Space Theatre in The Science Mall of Glasgow Science Centre, UK.

The Scottish Power Space Theatre is a stunning facility displaying astronomy films and light shows, housed within The Science Mall.

The Science Mall features 10,500 square metres of dynamic interactive exhibits. Visitors can follow their own paths of exploration and discovery through the exhibition landscape full of entertaining experiences.

Sounds like a super place to visit for the day. It also houses the Science Show Theatre, Multi-media Theatre, Virtual Science Theatre, The Showcase, Computer Lab and Electronic Library, as well as cafe, gift shop and temporary exhibitions.

Tickets are available from Glasgow Science Centre.

Free Meditainment experience download

Here is a free 15 minute Meditainment journey (not included on the Summer 2003 Audio CD) that can be downloaded now as a single MP3 file. Save it in a folder so you can relax and meditate any time you wish.

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