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Sunday, September 14, 2003

NASA's troubled mission to Jupiter, and its triumph
by Michael Benson, The New Yorker, September 8, 2003

Found this at one of my favourite sites in Japan, Gen Kanai Weblog. Here's what Gen posted:

Fascinating and touching profile of NASA's Galileo project, the people who persevered and the challenges that were overcome. The parts about the redesigned flight path, the broken high-gain antenna, the tape backup, and the complete software replacement via radio is just awe-inspiring. Goes to show you how simplicity and ingenuity are very valuable traits.

I like what Gen has written. Hope he does not mind me lifting it out of his blog. His last sentence reminds me of the brilliant bunch of people I enthused about in my post yesterday.

Yesterday's post re The Tomorrow Project was intended as my post to mark 9/11 but I was unable to complete it in time. Went to post it on 9/12, had a blip in my net connection, and lost the whole thing, without a copy, just as I pressed 'post and publish' (or the wrong button). Had to reconstruct it from memory and find all the links again.

I know, this is a long excuse. Bottom line is, I plagiarised Gen's blog because I have not yet read WHAT GALILEO SAW. I just know it will be an interesting read and what Gen says, is true!

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