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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Still not working this end

Thanks Hazel and James for your comments. I wanted to reply in the comment box but it refuses to open up on my screen.

You would not believe what I am going through to get this commenting facility working.

Yesterday it took more than five hours of ISP time and four emails back and forth with HaloScan to get to this point.

I have not been playing around with anything fancy in HaloScan. I simply selected a template, widened the comment box and deleted "0" from the first comment. The email notification is not working so I have to login at HaloScan to read the comments.

Last night I emailed HaloScan my user ID and password so they could see that I had placed the codes correctly. Their reply this morning says it is working fine.

It is definitely not working this end. They asked for name of my browser and operating system. I emailed the info and explained my ZoneAlarm Pro firewall.

Their reply asked if I have a popup blocker, or the google toolbar, or something similar, and if so, disable it and try clicking the link. And check that my spam filters aren't blocking the HaloScan's email notification address and that notification is activated in the Settings page.

God give me strength. I wouldn't know where to start looking for spam filters. Had to find and disable the popup blocker on google tool bar. I recall paying my ISP for a monthly anti-spam service, which I do not wish to cancel.

Besides, my ISP is a nightmare to deal with. Emailing their customer service is like talking to a wall. Replies are processed by a machine and provide only partial answers. It has taken over a month to order a new internet access package starting October 10. But on the day they switched me to the wrong package and now say there is nothing they can do to change it until November 10. It has to go through a month of their billing cycle.

So, until November 10, I am on a package which incurs high charges each minute during weekends and outside the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m weekdays. I would not have minded so much if they had not assured me I'd be switched to the right package on October 10.

As for HaloScan, I have just clicked on comments and still it does not work. I have disabled popups in Google bar and checked that the email notification is activated in HaloScan's Settings page.

Surely they cannot expect bloggers not to have or want spam filters.

Yesterday, Hazel kindly emailed me a link to BlogSpeak - free remote commenting system for Blogger based weblogs. Maybe I will have to delete HaloScan and start all over again with BlogSpeak. Groan.

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