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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

New registrations now being accepted

On 18 September I donated $10 to Enatation and installed their weblog commenting facility into this blog but it only lasted a few hours. Found it impossible to edit the 'comment title' and ended up with three test titles: 'speak to me - talk to me - say something' all on one line. Tried three times to delete, emailed Enatation webmaster, had no luck and deleted the whole thing.

Not only that, there was no 'preview' comments facility, and I was not keen on the slow response box for users or how the facility sat on my page. It didn't suit the style of this page - too many bright highlights taking up too many lines and I could not find a way to adjust it. Got the whole template in a right mess at one point, including the archives.

While I was doing all of this (it took me nearly all day) I got to thinking that the people who email me may not be the type to leave comments, and I might not enjoy waking up to "zero" comments each morning. Maybe it's better I don't find out that no-one wants to talk to me. My late father always said "expect the least and you won't be disappointed".

So, knowing I still had an email facility in my sidebar, I chickened out of re-installing Enatation and told myself that if I do not expect to hear from anybody, and then do hear from someone, it will come as a lovely surprise.

After reading about comment box flaming and spam, I dropped the whole notion of having a commenting facility and decided to leave it until a later date, when HaloScan starts accepting new sign-ups.

Earlier this morning I was thinking about community in the blogosphere and the lack of it (except for a few places like Harvard and Joi Ito's world) and looked into phpBB :: Creating Communities. I wondered how something like that would work as a commenting facility, but there was too much stuff to take in. I had to give up after an hour of reading and filed it in my 'Favorites' for later on. Then, I found HaloScan again and discovered they are now accepting new registrations.

A few minutes ago, I signed up with them and am working on it now, trying to install. If a facility for leaving comments appears on this blog, please do leave a message - even if it's just to say hi - that way, I will know that it has installed correctly and working fine.

If no commenting facility appears on this blog - check on the time of this post and you'll see how long HaloScan is taking me, between rests, to figure out and install!

If a commenting facility does appear but then, after a while, disappears - it means I have chickened out with cold feet again.

Unsure how far I will get with this today: I'm having trouble writing this post - concentration has slowed up badly. Must rest but I don't feel like resting - have lots of interesting things to do. If I don't re-charge I will just get more ill, slow and dim, like a torch battery on the blink. Resting all day and night, everyday, month after month, year after year, is so boring and lonely you would not believe.

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