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Monday, October 27, 2003


There are no unread Mail messages in your Inbox

If it's not one thing, it's another. Twice over the past few days I have emailed for advice on why my permalinks won't work, why comments box won't open up on screen, and - now that it's no longer possible to upgrade to BloggerPro, what do I do when I run out of blogspot space and how will I know when it happens. The second email was sent because I did not receive their usual automated receipt. I've received nothing in reply to the second email.

My incoming email is not working. I've not received any emails for over two days. Yesterday I emailed my ISP and, from another email address, sent two test emails to myself via Yahoo. Nothing, zero, zilch has arrived in my Inbox. I don't even know if the emails I sent to Blogger and my ISP arrived safely. If anyone tries to phone me it'll give a busy signal because I am on the Internet and have only one landline. This leaves me with my mobile phone on re-charge and having to login to BlogSpeak to read any comments left here. I'll update this post later on.

According to a survey, computer users need to stem the stress their machines cause them before it damages health. Nine out of 10 are regularly annoyed by slow, crashing machines, while time wasted fixing problems makes it worse, say security experts Symantec.

"As people work longer hours and become increasingly reliant on computers and technology to communicate and do their work, minor irritants can soon snowball into larger problems. A recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) survey of 700 managers said £1.24 billion a year was lost because of stress-related sickness and lost productivity."

Wow, £1.23 billion A YEAR. And that's only the figure for here in Britain? Imagine the costs in lost productivity around the world.

The solution to this problem is given as advice to users: 'Keep cool' over computer hassles. What, like it's OUR fault for reacting and something that WE must learn to live with!? All these highly paid techies, and their management, ought to concentrate on fixing all this stuff NOW. Life is for living today, in the here and now. Tomorrow never comes. Once upon a time, my parents had a pub. For a laugh on their opening day, they chalked up a message onto a blackboard, saying "free beer tomorrow". The locals kept on returning and asking for their free beer.

Update: I am keeping my cool but can't help feeling disappointment over the loss of two days of emails. Hazel, thanks for your two emails which have just arrived today at 11.20 a.m. Their arrival tells me that something is beginning to work again and that they've taken a whole day to reach me. Still no response from my ISP or receipts from Blogger. Goodness knows what has happened to my two Yahoo 'test' emails.

Update at 15:33 hrs: So far, twelve emails have trickled in, one by one. Most were sent to me three days ago. My second Yahoo test message arrived plus a reply to my second email to Still nothing from my ISP or the first messages I sent to Blogger and via Yahoo two days ago.

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