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Monday, October 20, 2003

Testing BlogSpeak

This morning I deleted the the HaloScan commenting facility from my blogspot template and felt sad at losing the comments already received :-(

Instead, I have replaced it with the BlogSpeak commenting facility codes but still have the same problem as with HaloScan: I can see the facility on my weblog page but when I click on "comment" it won't pull open a comment box on screen (yawn).

At this stage, BlogSpeak's registration and editing set-up does not allow further progress until I have notified their webmaster of the problem.

So, now all I can do is wait and see if it can be fixed before I can get access to BlogSpeak's edit section to delete the lonely looking "0" zero from the comments title (hint, hint, nudge, nudge - please say hi!).

Hopefully, I'll have some news of progress, to update here later on today.
_ _ _
Discovered I needed my Blogger ID number. This took half an hour to find and submit to BlogSpeak.

BlogSpeak webmaster then suggested I close any popups I have onscreen and try clicking into "comments" again. Emailed him back saying that apart from the two ads at the top of my blog page (which I cannot do anything about because it is a free blogspot from I do not have any popups on screen. Now I'm waiting for his reply.

While that was going on, "0" changed to (1) comments. Clicked into it but nothing happened. A few minutes later, an email notification arrived via BlogSpeak (yippee!) with the comment from Hazel (you sweetie pie! thanks too for your email).

Next, came another lovely surprise, by direct email, from someone called Stephanie in America: "I accidentally found myself reading about your life while, oddly enough, searching for a Halloween costume. It's funny how you can be taken from unexpected place to place while looking around on the computer. I am a 33 year wife and mother of three in Alabama and thought I would just take the time to say hello and that I hope today was a happy day for you and may tomorrow be even brighter. (Thanks Stephanie, I'll email you back when I get BlogSpeak sorted).

Incase you are getting as bored as I am with these elementary technical problems, here's Bali Surf Blog produced by, and the BaliBlog Daily News. This behind-the-screen look at Bali, Indonesia is due to non-blogger Nick's suggestion - in Chris O'Neill's London Blog - that I provide some links to blogs in Bali. Thanks Nick.

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