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Thursday, October 23, 2003

London bloggers' gathering Friday

First thing this morning I posted a comment to Chris O'Neills London Blog which went something like this:

London Bloggers' Gathering this Friday evening, 18:30 hrs at the Red Lion, 48 Parliament Street, Westminster. I found out about it over at Dan Gillmor's Silicon blog (in California, USA) where he has provided a link re Red Lion. Spread the word. I am blogging it today and hope others do the same. I'd be interested to read how it went, if you see any blogs reporting on it, please blog it or let me know. Thanks.

My previous post is about Dan Gillmor's blog and iCAN. Dan is a technology journalist living in California and is currently in London interviewing people at BBCi, which I guess explains his blog about a bloggers' gathering in London. Who knows, he may even be there on Friday. Lucky you if you can get there.

If you can't get there, here's a list of London Bloggers to visit.

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