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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Fat Pipes, Connected People - Rethinking Broadband Britain

Imagine a country with 20 million broadband users. Will it be better? Will it be different? It could be. Fat Pipes, Connected People, the result of a year-long study of everyday British broadband users in partnership with the Broadband Stakeholder Group, explains why broadband matters and how we can get more people using it.
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Broadband and Behaviour - Defining Everyday Broadband
iSociety presentation by James Crabtree and Simon Roberts, October 2003.
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Today is the first day, since starting this weblog three months ago, that I have not felt up to blogging. Cold and dark grey clouds are rolling heavily over the sea, air feels damp like we're in for a sea storm. Ophelia is snoozing on her chair by the fire and I'm on the couch nearby, covered in pillows and a throw. Laptop perched on pillow on lap.

I'll spend today reading the Burningbird weblog by Shelley Powers, which I was pleased to discover recently, and catch up on iSociety's blogging section and "Bloggers are like DJs" post by James Crabtree.

Ice cold rain is now beating sideways against my new (hence non-rattling and super quiet) windows. Everything's gone cold and grey. Sea, sky and horizon are melding into one. Thunder and lightening. We're in for a storm. I have a surge protector but Dell's advice is to unplug modem cables during a storm as telephone lines can be affected and do serious damage to a computer's hard drive. There. It took me a while, and it's a bit scrappy, but I did manage to blog today. :-)

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