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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Weblog reading: 96 second per weblog

Interesting post and list of Blog Tips by Darren Rowse at Living Room blog, plus plenty of feedback comments by his readers. Excerpts:

"There are no hard and fast RULES of how to blog - basically its about being true to yourself, getting what's inside you into cyber space, connecting with others and growing in your ideas as you interact with them."

"Having said this here are some of the things I personally have learnt on the way that I've found helpful in the journey of becoming a blogger. I hope there is something helpful here for you and that you'll add your own 'tips' in comments so we can all learn from each other. Here are my tips so far: In 96 seconds they will read 320 words."
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Russian Lilia Efimova summarises Darren's post in her blog Mathemagenic - learning and KM insights.

Lilia is a member of scientific staff working as a researcher at Telematica Instituut for KM project METIS in the Netherlands and is at the beginning of PhD research.

With thanks to Jonathan W Smith at Your Guess Is As Good As Mine.

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