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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Turkey dinners from east to west coast of America

Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday at James Moore's home, in the woods west of Boston, was cooked by his nine-year-old son, with Jim as the sous chef having fun with several-hours-long political conversation wafting across the Turkey pan and various fixings.

Over at James Lee's home in San Jose, California, Thanksgiving dinner for nine turned out very well: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, creamed yam, cranberries, Italian Sausage dressing (if it is cooked inside of the turkey, it's stuffing; if it is cooked outside of the turkey, it's dressing), baby greens salad, coffee, pumpkin pie, apple pie and ice cream. James says, "Thanksgiving is indeed a really special holiday and becomes an occasion where people are given opportunities to share a joyful meal with those who are otherwise left alone and result in great memories that last a long time." He is glad to be carrying on the tradition. (So is President Bush by the look of that photo, taken in Iraq, at the top of James' post).

And more of Shelley's gems

Today, I received an email from London barrister Mr Khasimi thanking me for letting him know about my post here yesterday. He has read it and thinks it's an excellent way to publicise the cause. Mr Khasimi says he is collating the responses/offers help etc., and will let me how the network could shape up.

Yesterday, I melted over Shelley's photo of her cat Zoe and her links to Midnite, poor burning hot cat Primo, and Joe's photo of his two dogs and his cooking up a storm of a Frittata. Purrrrrr.....woof.....ouch!!

Smokey looks a little like my Ophelia. Only a little though. Imagine Smokey with a mix of tortie/ginger/cream/brindle and that's what my little darling looks like.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all American readers: here is Shelley's fascinating Mineral Collection recently posted for sale at eBay with a modest reserve of $800 (why wouldn't anyone love to own it - I know I would). And, her beautiful essay The Insignificance of Small Beings.

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