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Friday, November 21, 2003

And what, if anything, can be done about it?

A few days ago I sent an email to a very dear friend. Here is a copy of that email:

Dear ---, You mentioned another essay. Thanks. Looking forward to receiving it. I am sending you my thoughts following my two posts on Bosnia - and on community - in my weblog.

Of course it goes without saying that my writings look nothing like yours. It doesn't bother me. I care what's behind the words. I know what I am trying to say. It's not a thesis, it just a draft of thoughts for my blog where I can blog and present anything in any way I wish.

My thoughts below stem from my thinking about world politics and questioning why democracy seems to be the one big thing westerners push for and are led like sheep into believing in and voting for: what has proved so "good" and great about democracy? what's a better alternative? if it does not yet exist - who is thinking, talking and exploring better alternatives. Not really thought through, just germinating thoughts on issues I feel strongly on and want to blog about later on.

The reason for sending this to you is so that you know which essays of yours to choose from - any that you think may help with the issues I am raising here (especially anything, from a male point of view, to help explain why - after all that was said and done about the Holocaust - genocidal mass rape could happen in Bosnia in the 1990s - a two hour plane journey away from Britain).

With love and thanks from Ingrid

Are men making themselves extinct?

I am coming to the conclusion that there is a fine line between man and beast and anger or fear (fight or flee) can turn men into beasts no matter what day or age we live in.

Creating genocide, wars, terrorism, killing, fighting, murders, torture, rapes, domestic violence and sexual abuse of women and children. Heaven knows what they do to animals. I've heard of some who rape sheep and others who couldn't care less what it is - even if it's a water melon - as long as they get their jollies, they don't really care. These men create their own logic to make their conscience feel that they can do whatever they wish.

We have reached the space age. How can the world possibly ever be peaceful? There will never be peace.

Look at the history books and today's television news pictures. Men still arguing, fighting, brawling, abusing, torturing, shooting, killing, murdering, and blowing things up. Men all around the world still thriving on trouble and creating chaos using brawn or brain or both.

No matter how little or how greatly educated, they thrive on trouble and danger - if they are not doing it by physical means they are arguing and causing trouble for others with their brains. If they are the peaceful sort, they are still somehow involved with the machinations of trouble.

Engineering, inventing, politics, religion. Knives, guns, bombs and ways to carry out trouble. Fire, stone, spear, bow and arrow. Hunting for food. Hunting for trouble.

Jesus was the perfect image of a peaceful man. Men crucified him. For what?

I am a bit down on the male species at the moment. They are making this world such a fearsome and miserable place to live. They are constantly creating issues and problems and wars - resulting in a never ending swathe of human suffering around the world. What good are they doing? What is it that men are aiming for? Is it achievable? And at what cost?

What is the point in voting for democracy? Perhaps voting for democracy is voting to keep men in power of the world. Perhaps this is why, not so long ago, women were denied the right to vote. Perhaps men are afraid we might see through them. I think I am beginning to see through them and feel it is about time women around the world started uniting to show men the error of their ways. What is it that men actually want? Do they actually know? These men are some woman's father, brother, son, husband, partner or whatever.

Is it like that in all tribes around the world? Possibly there are villages, somewhere on this fragile Earth of ours, where women rule to keep men calm. I wonder if they are more peaceful and successful communities in which to live. Someone like the legendary Sir David Attenborough would know the answer to this question. I shall find out.

Maybe man is making himself extinct.
Females to survive, do not actually need males anymore.
Imagine a world without men.

Imagine peace.

Community. I am still thinking and working on my piece about community.

I have received one comment on my recent posts about the genocide in Bosnia.

Shelley Powers of Burningbird "change begins at Home" and Danah Boyd of Zephoria "rape in bosnia... a must read" blogged the issue. Neither have received a single comment. I wonder how much money The Sunday Times received in response to their "Bosnia Cradle" Appeal.

What's going on? Do people not care or what? Why with all the thousands if not millions of charitable organisations all around the world are the people cited in "a cradle of inhumanity" report still uncared for?

And yet people care about Christmas. According to a Guardian report on research by Switch, Britons are expecting to spend an average of £868 each on Christmas this year:

£345.65 on presents, £114.72 on food, £63.85 on drink, and the rest on Christmas cards, accessories and decorations.

People in Scotland are planning to be the biggest spenders, shelling out an average of £1040 each, £413.80 of which will go on presents. Those in the Midlands expect to spend the least £819.40. Almost a quarter of people are planning to do some of their Christmas shopping overseas, and 57% of those will be crossing the channel to stock up on booze in France.

The internet has yet to catch up with the high street, with only 3% of people saying it would be their main way of doing their Christmas shopping. Almost a quarter of those who said they were not planning to buy online said they would never do so in the future, and nearly half said they were unlikely to.

Over two thirds of people said they would dip into their savings to fund Christmas spending, while just 9% said they would be relying on credit cards or loans.

These people know the meaning of Christmas. What is it all about?

Is the world getting to be a better place? I don't think so. Is the world going crazy? I think so.

Something needs to be done.

I am working on finding out what.

[end of email]

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