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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


A dating Weblog in the USA and a flirting academy in the UK

Found this bit of fun about flirting (yes you can find it in politics!) a few clicks into Jim Moore's post on Small town and rural bloggers. Jim asked for referrals to bloggers in cities such as Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, and the college towns of Ames, Iowa City, Cedar Falls and Grinnell - and put out a special call to anyone who might know bloggers in smaller towns or on farms.

In his post on blogs by writers in Iowa, I found Howard Butler's list of Links, clicked into St Paul, Minnesota and discovered "A dating Weblog - Meet Ruby and get her dating insights in the Single in the Cities Weblog".

Meet Ruby. She's single in the Twin Cities and, remarkably, willing to chronicle her dating exploits every other Tuesday for this Weblog. She says it's not for the money (what money?), fame (what fame?) or even the possibility the blog could net her a few extra dates. Instead, she says she's doing this with the altruistic thought that if she can help just one person find a date with table manners, it will be worth it. Ultimately, Ruby says, the goal is to keep you, the dating public of the North, informed about local trends, techniques, strategic targets of opportunity and weapons of mass attraction. We hope you enjoy.

Have some thoughts or a question for Ruby? post your thoughts with others on the Message Board.


-- You've got that special someone right where you want them. You've dimmed the lights and poured the wine. Now, what do you slide into the CD player?

-- Where do you like to hang out on "off nights" of the week -- Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays?

Share your experiences on the Message Board.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ruby is a pseudonym for a staff member of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. To protect her identity and that of others, names, dates and locations may be changed in this blog. She may respond to emails from readers as part of the blog, but will just delete the stupid ones, so make them good.
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This site - along with The Flirting Academy site - are jammed full of links which took me two hours to click through. This is why I have posted some extracts here to save you the time and get a flavour of both sites. I know of a few American chaps and some female readers who will be interested in this subject, which is why I am posting it here. I enjoy playing Cupid ;-)

The Dating Weblog site provides these 17 related links:

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I clicked into "Part 5: Nine tips for the modern dater" and found Part 5: Hard-to-get tactics hardly work: Tips for the modern dater that contained a link to The Flirting Academy.

Top tips for women and men - and top tips for all would be flirts

On clicking around the pages "Meet Ruby - A dating weblog" I got to thinking that it was an interesting concept: dating tips given out in a "personal" blog created by a local US newspaper sharing tips on where to go, what to do etc., within the neighbourhood and engaging with local readers. That is where I found "First for flirting, the UK's only flirting academy".

The Flirting Acadamy's site description states: "Attraction Academy, attract more attractive with our flirting tips, attraction coaching, how to be attractive, how to attract women, flirting workshops, flirt coaching from 'Flirt Coach' author Peta Heskell. Flirting signals, flirting with confidence, flirting body language, motivational quotes, flirting advice, flirting classes, jokes, free flirting coaching programme, links, flirt newsletter, flirt surveys,

Here are some of their Flirting tips for men and women.

It'd be interesting to know how and where couples met, got dating etc. If readers - single or married - have any anecdotes, tips or links to share here - please do comment or email me. Thanks.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 11/25/2003
Attraction Explained: Your Social Circle

Our social circle is one of the biggest determining factors in who we meet. Going back a bit, in a 1956 study 70% of married American couples lived within 20 blocks of each other before marriage. Now admittedly that was 1956 and this is now, but the basic principle holds true - you're more likely to find success with someone closer to you than you are someone further way.

So, how do we use this to improve our chances? Simple - we expand our social circle!

1) Network, Network, Network
2) Organise a night out, invite all your friends, tell them to bring friends
3) Join a club. A sports club, a movie club, a dinner club, a sex club - whatever you fancy!
4) Don’t try and jump into an encounter or relationship with every attractive person you meet.
5) Put people in contact with each other.

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