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Sunday, March 14, 2004


BBC Where I Live - Western Highlands and Islands - Island Blogging

Extracts from the BBC's Island Blogging project:

"Welcome to Island Blogging, a website about life on the islands of North Argyll: Coll, Tiree, Mull, Iona, Colonsay, Lismore, Kerrera, Seil, Easdale and Luing. You can view a map showing where these islands are situated in Scotland. If you live on one of the ten islands you can contribute by creating your own blog. If you live elsewhere, why not post a comment to the island bloggers? If you'd rather search the site by theme, you can.

We've organised the blogs into the broad categories of 'work', 'community' and 'home.' Select a category from the list below. 'Home' is anything with a domestic or personal nature. It could be a hobby or a diary of family life. "How do you do your Christmas shopping from the islands?" It could be a blog about transport links, a new village hall, some hot local gossip, or plans for the Christmas panto or the Hogmanay ceilidh. This section is for blogs related to working life. On a lot of islands folk do several jobs to make ends meet. So don't be surprised if the postie's the ferryman too.

This is the contribute section of island blogging. This is where you can go to create your own weblog, upload images and tell your story to the world. In order to contribute you have to live on one of our islands which you can find on the maps page above. Don't be disheartened if you don't though, you can still contribute by commenting on other people's entries.

Those who do live on the islands require to Sign In with their BBCi membership. If you do not have one, select you can Create a Membership now in just a few minutes."
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Getting involved in blogging?

For a living, Margaret Telfer at Little Blip, makes radio programmes. Brief synopsis of her life: Stavanger then Oslo then Motherwell then Edinburgh then Hatton then Surabaya then Stavanger. And then she spread her wings and travelled some and in 1989 moved to Glasgow.

I found the above Island Project site through Margaret's Little Blip blog last year. She has not posted since December, when she blogged that Martin from The Copydesk told her World Service are also getting involved in blogging.

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