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Sunday, March 14, 2004


A comprehensive look at Persian carpets and rugs

Enjoyed Barry O'Connell's two BlogSpots on Persian Rugs and The Persian Carpet, and his main site of various notes and guides to The Persian Carpet in its many forms. Fascinating pictures and links. A great find.

Thanks to American blogger Jim O'Connell in Tokyo (Barry's brother).
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And the pickled dragon mystery

In a recent post about Google's Orkut, Jim O'Connell referred to Orkut's social networking site as "organised leeching". I did wonder what people got up to when they entered Orkut.

Beauty of the blogosphere is that it's not divisive. People's doors are wide open. Can pop in and say hi - anytime of day or night - anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of bloggers raced to register their personal details behind Orkut's "closed" doors. Wonder what's being done with all that data. Heh. Google are smart.

btw In January, I found the Pickled dragon mystery over at Jim's. Didn't want it deleted from my folder, so I'm posting it here for future reference as an example of great German engineering ;)

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