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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Tantor, the World's Leading Authority, dissects
Right from Wrong in current events and random topics

Yesterday, I found Conservative Propaganda blog via the fab new Technorati. Tantor, the author, may be a male living on the east coast of America. It's the first blog I've found that speaks my views. The first time I voted in a General Election was for Labour, in the hope of Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister, and I've not wavered in my support since.

On the graph of the political compass test, my score appeared in exactly the same spot as Mahatma Gandhi, and in the same corner as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. My score showed Economic Left/Right -5.50, Libertarian/Authoritarian -3.13.

Going by their graphs and categories, my score appears in the same corner as the UK Greens - and the US politics of Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. I wonder what that makes me - a Green Libertarian Lefty? I've never considered myself a Liberal nor would I vote Liberal. Maybe I'll start looking out for the Greens and see what they are up to in this country.

Tantor has style, does not mince words, gets straight to the point, and hits the nail right on the head - quite something on complex issues. I wonder who Tantor is? Sounds well informed and clever too. Here's an example of three recent posts:

Thousands Of Lefties Around The World March In Protest Of The Gulf War - Hundreds of thousands of knucklehead lefties took their protest of the Gulf War to the streets of Italy, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, India, the Philippines, Egypt, the United States, Turkey, and Yemen, among other countries. The only place where the locals did not protest the Gulf War was Iraq.

Appeasing The Jihadis Will Not Spare Europe From Further Attacks - History shows that appeasement encourages the predators, who seek easy prey. By preaching appeasement, the Europeans become useful idiots of the Muslim fanatics who seek their destruction.

Zawahiri Boasts Al Qaeda Has A Nuke - Mr. Brains Behind Al Qaeda, Dr Ayman Zawahri, brags that Al Qaeda bought a backpack nuke on the black market in Russia. The Soviet Union developed such small nukes to be smuggled into America by special forces in the event of WWIII. It sounds like a punk threat from a terrorist who lacks the muscle to actually do something. With any luck, Zawahiri's dead now.

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