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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Used by Van Gogh, Matisse, Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin

Moleskine™ is a Trademark of Modo & Modo. Moleskine notebooks, a real cult item, are now available in a whole range of styles. Ideal for travelling, all Moleskine books have a hardback cover, an elastic closure and the hidden secret - an inner pocket which is perfect for keeping loose notes, bills, tickets and more.

Moleskine is a family of notebooks for different functions. Each Moleskine has a rigid, oilcloth bound 'moleskine' cover, and the acid free paper pages are thread bound. They also have an elastic closure and an expandable inner note holder made of cardboard and oilcloth and a removable card with the Moleskine history.

The pocket notebooks come in a variety of styles, including a Japanese pocket album with 60 pages of long continuous fold-out sheet for making visuals, photo albums etc. The plain notebook has a small pocket in the back cover to stick receipts, mementos, ticket stubs. It has a well built-in ribbon bookmark and an elastic strap to keep the book closed. The notebooks lay flat when open.

Modo Modo, located in Milan, Italy, is the current manufacturer of the legendary Italian made Moleskine notebooks, having revived it recent times. Retailers in the United States use the US distributor Kikkerland Design Inc of New York, NY.
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Neat gifts for birthdays and Christmas

Because Moleskine notebooks make such neat gifts, I'm thinking of buying a load for birthday and Christmas presents. They'd be simple for me to wrap, pop into an envelope and mail with a letter or card. Every person I know, would use one. Bloggers love them so much, they even dedicate blog space to them.

Yesterday, I found a UK Worldwide Trading Company website for Moleskine where £300 is the minimum first order they'll accept. Which involves ordering by the dozen in one go. Suits my purpose fine. But £300.... maybe I'll ask a friend to split part of the order with me.

We'd need to decide and agree on the best size - and paper, ie ruled, squared or plain. Right now, I'm thinking of the Pocket size 9 x14 cm with plain paper as it's described as a reliable, pocket-size travel companion for sketches, thoughts and passing notes. Trouble is, there are so many to choose from...
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And other moleskine blogs

Bloggers love their Moleskines. Greg van Eekhout is completely sold on his, along with Joi Ito (sorry can't find link) and Lisa Williams who uses ruled paper - and a Fisher Space Pen that writes anywhere -- upside down, in the wet, in the cold -- and ink never leaks or smears.

Armand B Frasco welcomes writers, travellers, artistes, dreamers and all to his Moleskinerie blog.

And, there are 79 comments at Metafilter's Moleskine-ing discussion that may give some tips on a nifty pen or pencil to match the Moleskine pocket size notebook.

[With thanks to pomegranates and paper via A Life in Wales]

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