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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


How to test if someone has a drinking problem

The last time I had a drink was about five years ago, after the funeral of my Austrian Aunt. Finest whiskey and crystal tumblers. It sure turned a grim situation mellow. Everyone glowed. The whole room glowed. The gathering became jolly. A late night party. People laughed. And joked. Drinking sure made one feel better. It was the warmest atmosphere you could imagine. My Aunt would have loved it. Must be difficult for anyone to refuse a drink in such a situation.

In the We Quit Drinking blog, someone posted this comment:

A counselling prof once told us that a relatively accurate way to test if someone has a drinking problem (notice I don't say alcoholic, since not all people with a drinking problem are alcoholics. Although all alcoholics have a drinking problem.) Anyways, the test is this:

Can the person with the drinking problem come home and drink just one drink every night for a month?

His point was that it is easier to go on the wagon completely than hold yourself to one drink if you are in the grip of a drinking problem.

[via Halley's Comment]

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 3/23/2004
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