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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Fun brain

Not sure how Jibot's brain came about, but it's fun. Thanks Lisa.
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Delicious feed as an RSS feed

Joi Ito explains Ecto now supports Seems Ecto is a great blogging tool.

Update: More on ecto and from Ado and Elizabeth Lane Lawley
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Angle-Grinder Man

Recently, James Heming the Radio Invicta D.J. did a feature on Angle-Grinder Man and gave out the website on his breakfast show.

In appreciation, Angle-Grinder Man offered him and his team the special 'Gold-Star' cover, entitling them to preferential protection against wheel-clamping 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the whole Kent and London. Heh. Best of British luck to the ingenious showman. [via Joi Ito]
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More fun for Bo

Mizuka and Joi Ito now have a second puppy named Pookie. Other than the photo, no intro posted. Maybe Joi's fiancee, Mizuko, surprised him with Pookie when he arrived home from one of his trips. Heh. Big softies. All four of them.

Update Mar 20: Three dogs

Extract from Joi's Diary: "Not that most of you will care, but we have three dogs now. Our friend moved to a new apartment and couldn't keep her dog, Dino. Dino's a bit stressed from being in quarantine at Narita for a month. We got Pookie from another neighbor. Anyway, Bo, Pookie and Dino are running around the house right now like the cartoon Tasmanian devil."

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