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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Obits and blogs frozen in time and space

So glad Lisa's asked where's Phil Wolff? Last week, I thought of writing the same post but did not want to appear alarmist. Like Lisa says, some bloggers do take breaks.

Phil of Blogcount is a prolific veteran blogger. Recently, he took a short blogging break but warned us in advance. On Feb 16, his main blog froze, without warning. Hope he is OK.

Lisa also linked to Phil's Obituaries A La Blog, which I'd earmarked for a draft post on my blogging friend James K Lee.

James lives with his wife and their children on the west coast of America. I've not heard from him since mid December. His blog has been dangling - frozen in time - since Christmas. No update. No word. No reply to my emails or comments. Strange. Out of character. Can't help feeling it's bad news. Here's pinging American blogger Don Park via Technorati to ask what he thinks could have happened to James.

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