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Monday, March 01, 2004


Gives your Apple Mac the power to run Windows software

I've ordered AppleWorks software. Would have liked the package that includes Virtual PC 6.1 for Microsoft Windows XP Professional but it's priced at £400. Decided I can do without any more worms and viruses and that the refund would be better spent on a DVD burner, extra memory and Apple's extended 3-year tech support service warranty.

Virtual PC for Mac as a stand-alone program costs £214.00 via Apple Store Online UK. It lets you run Windows software on your Mac, giving you access to the wide array of software written for Windows, easy file sharing, and compatibility with Windows networks.

Thanks to Pete Barr-Watson for this tip. Pete, of Kerb and flash fame, lives and works in the English coastal town of Brighton. In his blog sidebar at Pete's Eats is a Feb 15 2004 picture of his magnificent pet dog Kai after he'd (the dog) been in and out of the sea fetching his ball... (if you drag the picture to the address bar on your browser it should open up fully).

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