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Saturday, May 29, 2004

NoCon '04 at Imperial College, London June 6th

Joi Ito is planning to arrive in London on Sunday June 6th and has set up a wiki page to plan a bloggers get together for that evening. Also on the same date is NotCon '04 11am-7pm at Imperial College Union, London.

Stephanie Booth will be coming in from Switzerland. She's currently studying french, philosophy and history of religions at Lausanne University - specializing in Indian religions. (Thanks for posting Delicious! - a great bookmarks manager).

Pixelfury Pete who lives in the English coastal town of Brighton will be in London for the get together with Joi Ito. And so too will freelance writer Suw (congrats on the 'Free Culture AudioBook Project' essay) who lives less than an hour away from here. I am feeling sad that I can't go. I've been too ill to even chat on IRC. It's at times like this that I wonder what is the point of blogging and getting to know people in one dimension. What is the point...

Oh well, such is life, no good moaning about it. At least inbetween the tears today I have Scaryduck to thank for the laugh and timely reminder of London life. And thanks to Suw I found out today that Chihuahuas aren't dogs at all - they're rodents. Ha! I always felt there was something different about them. Once, when I was eight years old, I cuddled one and it bit me right on my nose. It was like getting attacked by a rat. At the time I couldn't understand why everyone (and its owner) found it so funny - it really hurt.

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