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Saturday, May 29, 2004

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Knitting bloggers and warbloggers - No. 3 is techbloggers

Anil Dash posted this comment at Joi Ito's post re Weblogs and Authority: "...A lot of the weighting of these sites comes from the fact that they've been around a *long* time, particularly on the blogroll side. I can see about half of them are 5 years old, which is a lot more time to accrue blogroll links. I do think popularity is a misreading of the importance of blogs, since all that matters are the people whose blogs you care about, and many more bloggers read *none* of the sites on these lists than read any of them. I'd say knitting bloggers are probably one of the largest communities, along with warbloggers, and then techbloggers. However, blogging technology is something almost all bloggers have in common, and that's why tech bloggers end up being popular..."
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Note: Anita points to a knitalong - a group of folks, all knitting the same or similar object and usually wriiting about it; and Much Ado About...Knitting? introduces Threaded Thoughts.
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Techies developing attitude problems

In his post, "Failure to communicate", Richard Soderberg writes: "A growing segment of the technologically-enabled population is developing what I would best describe as a "derision" towards those who are not technically competent, for whatever reason. This sentiment is immediately apparent in the technical support industry, but I've seen it from peers who've never been formally introduced to tech support as well. Read more...

Note to Richard: Thanks for advice on the mac update 10.3.4. I'm on narrowband dial up and it took almost a day. Glad it's over...and thankfully no Asteroids on their way for a while yet, and hopefully no Meteorites hurtling this way... angry comments are scary enough ;-)

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