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Friday, May 14, 2004

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Don't rely on the BBC to show the real truth

"Nick Berg, a young man from Philadelphia, recently found himself in the hands of a group of Al Qaeda terrorists. They made him state his details and then listen to a long speech against America in a language he didn't understand. While screaming started to fill the room his head was cut off by a small knife. It wasn't a clean cut." [Excerpt from "A Political Beheading is Worse" By Jon Gales]
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Note: I've not watched the video because I don't want to. I'm merely archiving it here with my posts on the BBC. The BBC spent the past two weeks slandering British troops in Iraq by reporting on and showing unsubstantiated photos of British soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq.

The photos depicting British soldiers were enlarged in newspapers and plastered over the graves of American soldiers - headstones had been desecrated and the photos daubed with graffiti and swastikas. BBC news online reported that publication of the photos had impacted on the morale and safety of British armed forces: British troops had been injured by a petrol bomb thrown by children in Iraq, had been attacked by militiamen and a patrol suffered a grenade attack in Basra.

In retaliation for photos depicting coalition personnel allegedly "softening up" Iraqi prisoners for questioning by Intelligence personnel, a group of murderous Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq filmed themselves using a small knife to barbarically behead an innocent American civilian. Al Qaeda videotaped it for propaganda purposes. But the BBC refuses to show any of it. Why? Out of respect for the American victim and his family? All of a sudden the BBC is mindful of people's feelings? Where was respect for the Iraqi prisoners they screened for two solid weeks online? Where was respect for the British troops slandered by the British media before there was even time for an investigation to take place? Where was respect for all coalition personnel serving their homeland out there in that hellhole to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq?

Obviously, the victim's family never had control over the showing of that Al Qaeda video. The Al Qaeda terrorists released it to all and sundry for self promotion purposes. Anyone in the world could see it on the Internet. Want to know the real truth of what terrorists, Al Qaeda and the war on terror are all about ? Don't rely on the BBC to show the real truth concerning all sides - instead, read a good cross section of sites on the Internet.
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btw Ref John Gale's post "A Political Beheading is Worse", here's copy of a comment left by a US marine: "I would sure appreciate if all americans could support us in what we do. It seems as if poeple care more about politics and money than the american soilders and marine in iraq and affganistan. Bush got us in this which was a great move, I trust that he is making a good decision, and I trust that he will bring us home and set these people free. Support us and stop fighting amongst yourselfs. thank you, proud serving member of U.S. military and proud american, Thanks Mr. Bush for caring about all human life."

[video link via The World Star Gazette]
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BBC Have your say comments:

"Show the video. The West needs the reality therapy to cure its apathy to this increasingly deadly world war in which the next battle hit could be Athens, London, Paris, Frankfurt, LA or San Francisco. - Fr. Jim Anderson, MSA, Santa Maria, CA, USA"

"God rest his soul. I hope he didn't see it coming. These people can get really nasty because they are desperate and have nothing to lose because their leaders lack the guidance to lead their people to a better world even with a varying religion to the rest of us. Salute to the men and women who continue to fight and believe that there will be a new tomorrow for Iraq. - Sue Bateman, Australia"

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 5/14/2004
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