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Monday, July 12, 2004

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Sudan news and analysis

Here is a blog on progressive human rights news and analysis by American academic, Dr Eric Reeves, who takes a special interest in the Sudan. Maybe the blog belongs to Dr Reeves - or not. Posts are published by someone called Maria. The text could be copies of Dr Reeves' reports copied from elsewhere. So far, I have not discovered who is behind the blog, or whether Dr Reeves endorses it. The site gives no email contact or commenting facility. If anyone can throw light on this, I would be grateful to receive any information.

Now this has got me thinking. It's never occurred to me that one could start up a blog using anyone's name and post stuff that they may never see. Osama Bin Laden Blog (how would we ever know). Saddam Hussein's Blog would get a lot of hits regardless of whether its him or even a woman. Imagine the potential for complete strangers to adopt someone else's identity, public persona, image and work whatever - it's mind boggling. I've written about privacy issues in last year's posts. Seems a lot of regulations will need to be invented for future net users.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 7/12/2004
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