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Monday, July 12, 2004

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Newsmeat is an amazing one-click resource for researching political donations. One can even search on donors by zip code too.

Not sure how accurate it is. Even so, I'm surprised that type of information is made so freely available. Some people are guarded about who they support politically. I've even known people who've refused to disclose which political party they support. Some consider such matters as personal and private. Maybe that's why people get privacy booths when casting political election votes at polling stations.

It makes me wonder how Newsmeat get the data. Maybe it's law in America that political donations are made public. Even so, it doesn't seem right somehow that any old body can search on a private individual's postal zip code.

Here in England, all you need is someone's post code to identify their full address, find a telephone number, etc. For wealthy people, and those in the public eye, who travel a lot, the zipcode data must seem like easy pickings for opportunists.

It would appear "privacy" can't really be controlled any more, which means people will have to get more aware and step up their home security arrangements. Seems to me that home security businesses have a booming great future ahead as more information gets computerised and opportunists become more net savvy and crafty.

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# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 7/12/2004
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