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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On UN Peacekeeping Mission - China to deploy 4,000 troops

Yesterday there were reports (see previous post here below) that China was deploying 4,000 of its troops to Sudan - not to provide humanitarian assistance but to guard its oil located adjacent to Darfur. If the report is true, it would be great of China to help the victims of Darfur, but seeing as the report made no mention of the U.N., it's probably just wishful thinking.

Here's a great surprise: today there is news that India proposes to send troops to Sudan under the UN Peacekeeping Mission. India has huge oil interests in Sudan and recently signed lucrative contracts to lay oil pipelines in Sudan. This week it was reported that India contributed aid, for the first time I believe. Wonder what took them so long. Better late than never. Yay for India! Hope the report is true. Sounds a lot different than what China is reportedly doing.

The news re India says that in response to a UN request, India has made a commitment to the UN to provide an infantry battalion group with support elements, an Air Force unit comprising of six utility helicopters and a Special Police Unit and individual police officers, Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed said in a written reply.

He said troops are currently deployed in UN Peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, Ethiopia-Eritrea and Democratic Republic of Congo -- and Indian police personnel are serving in the UN mission in Kosovo.,0008.htm
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Sixth Oxfam flight leaves Britain with more flights in coming weeks

OXFAM sends vital aid to Darfur. This is the sixth Oxfam flight to leave Britain to help the people of Sudan and refugees in Chad and additional flights will be made over the coming weeks.
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More support and NOK 100 million so far

Norway is doing real good and helping a lot behind the scenes. Apart from all the help and support it has provided, it has also contributed more than NOK 100 million to humanitarian efforts to assist the victims of Darfur.

The support has been provided through the UN, the Red Cross system and NGOs and includes cash, personnel and goods such as lorries, field hospitals, communications equipment and high-energy biscuits for malnourished and undernourished children.
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In place August 15 alongside AU ceasefire observers

In June Norway provided support for the deployment of observers from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. They will be in place on 15 August and will co-operate closely with African Union observers.

“It is important to find an African solution. The African Union’s leadership role in the Darfur process enjoys broad international support and is set out in UN Security Council resolution 1556 of 30 July 2004. The Norwegian Government is therefore determined to help ensure that the AU gets the resources it needs to carry out its mission,” said the Foreign Minister.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 8/18/2004
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