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Friday, September 03, 2004

Tranquility in Portugal

Portuguese blogger Monalisa lives in Portugal, writes poetry in Portuguese and posts wonderful pictures.

Here is an excerpt, taken from one of her posts that I've translated from Portuguese into English, using Google's translator. It sure makes Portugal sound quaint:

"... Constantly I hear our national fatalismo to complain of the lack of productivity of the Portuguese and to point this as one of the great problems of our economy. And later comes people to deny, others to accuse to this and that classroom - the circus it custom. However, every day I see the test of that our disorganization, our position is effectively little productive and all people acts as if this was normality ..."
- - -

Below is a photo from Monalisa's lovely post about a fair. Can't help wondering if Portugal's slower way of life is a good thing. Fast lane stuff doesn't seem healthy somehow - or do the environment much good.

"Life In The Fast Lane" is my most favourite Eagles mp3. Tried listening to it while imagining the two tranquil scenes here below but the contrast is too great.

Rui Vale Sousa.jpg

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