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Monday, November 22, 2004

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And Brendan Loomer Loy

Instapundit's Precious looking out of the window.

Friday catblogging and The Cat Blog at the Irish Trojan's Blog - run by a bright young law student named Brendan Loomer Loy. Currently a first-semester 1L at Notre Dame Law School. It's hard to believe he is only 22-years old. He graduated from University of Southern California last May with Bachelor's degrees in Print Journalism and Political Science.

Brendan is a Democrat and describes his ideology as thus: "Too realistic to be a liberal, too idealistic to be a conservative, too cynical to have much faith in either "side," but too passionate to stop caring. Wait, I'm confused... Yeah, me too. My ideogical and political stances can be all over the map. But if you read The Economist, there's a pretty good chance I'll agree with whatever it says in there. They're so damn sensible."

Here he is, asleep with his cat.

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