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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

500 bloggers have given it publicity

Hotel Rwanda, which stars Don Cheadle, is a film by Terry George based on the true story of a hotel manager who sheltered more than 1,200 refugees after the West turned a blind eye to that country's genocidal violence a decade ago.

So far, it looks like some 500 bloggers have given it a plug. Here are a few - this list is likely to be ongoing - more later:

French blog Netflex: Films and the making sense of a genocide; American blog Conservative Life: Hotel Darfur; Indian Express article at Sudan Watch: Rwanda film hits raw nerve for Clinton aide.
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At Sudan Watch

My blog Sudan Watch is currently under DIY construction, by me. Last night, I spent four hours working through the template, without any instructions, testing how to make changes to layout, font and colour.

I've wasted too much time at BlogSkins browsing for a new skin. When I did find a two-column and a three-column skin that by MayStar I liked, they would not download. I've thought of asking a professional to help but now is not a good time in the run up to Christmas and New Year.

Attempting to change my existing template is not as difficult as I anticipated. But when it comes to creating new stuff and fine tuning - like how to get a wider space between the title of a post and it's text, or how to stop quotation marks and apostrophes turning weird, I'm lost. If I keep experimenting, I'm hoping something passable will fall into place. So, if I start experimenting here and things start turning a strange colour or text gets all out of whack, it means I'm in a spot bother and the mess will be fixed asap.
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Ophelia and Love

A big thank you to friends and readers for their kind emails, cards, gifts, comments and links. I hope to catch up on replying to everyone by the New Year. Ophelia has just come in from the cold wet misty rain and is now curled up on her chair by the fire. She seems to have an affinity with freezing cold winds (but not all winds) and rain (only certain types of rain) and adores getting her fur wet. I think she must have snow cat in her genes. Whatever, I sure do love her. Even at 5am when she calls out and quietly paces up and down for me to wake up - and get up. I marvel at how brave, fit, strong, clean and well behaved she is and how she gets me to do everything she wants without saying a word. She is never a minute of trouble and has me well trained.


This is Ophelia on her chair. Sorry it does not show her off well. She was fast asleep when a friend took the photo. So her eyes are half open and wary. But at least you can see her sheen of smokey grey/brown/cream/ginger brindle markings, black whiskers, golden eyes, bat ears and short legs tucked beneath her.

Imagine the softness of warm chinchilla, a sweet purr, gentle voice and a playful sense of humour, and you get a better picture. I'd like to post much better pictures here but I've not yet tried to figure my new scanner. Luckily a friend emailed me this photo and the one at the top of my sidebar. Next time a house guest is here for a few days, I must remember to ask them to go through it with me so I can post pictures of the sea scene I am looking at, right now, over the lid of my laptop.

By the way, John has written another beautiful post over at Secession about Love where Hamlet's Ophelia gets a mention.

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