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Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Six week rest break

Pixel in the Sun

Will miss you.
Bye bye.
Love from Ingrid and Ophelia xx


My father died ten years ago October 3.
He was buried October 6.
Sometimes I wonder what he looks like now.
And imagine just a pile of bones.
Covered with a metal comb and military buttons.
He was buried in full uniform.
We tucked his favourite comb in a top pocket.
He had a good head of hair.
Maybe his hair is still there.
Together, he and my mother booked the double grave.
My mother will be visiting me here November.
Sometimes I wonder what she will look like -
Laying on top of the metal comb, buttons and bones.
Life is short.
Be sure to live it to the full, while you can.

A field of poppies at sunrise


This sunflower is especially for MD


To say I am sorry. Note, they've been deleted.

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