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Friday, October 17, 2003

Beware of what you are linking to

(blog in progress)

It is 7.16 a.m. right now. Ophelia is fine all curled up asleep on her chair by the fire. I am not doing well after the past few weeks. Things are taking their toll. As of this week I aimed at posting just after 8 a.m. daily but my routine is all upside down. Too much household activity and too much going on in the techie side of things here.

My ISP package has changed. BLOGGER has had problems over past few days. HaloScan is working for users. I can see the facility on my blog screen but receive no email notification. I cannot open up comment box in blog page to read and reply, so I login to HaloScan to read comments.

I am working on a blog for today. Unsure how long it will take to complete or when it will appear here.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the weekend. Live everyday like it's your last.

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