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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


In Bangalore, India

Three months ago I bought, direct from Dell in Ireland, a Latitude C400 notebook with 3 year on-site warranty.

Last week, I used keyboard cleaner and a cotton wool ball to clean what must have been hand cream marks (my hands are always clean) on the casing. It left two blobby spots. The casing wasn't brushed metal as I'd thought, it was a smart looking plastic and the special solution had rubbed through the paint.

Mortified, I called Dell in Ireland for advice and whimpered that it was like driving a brand new car and having to look at two spots on the paint of the bonnet. The technician (in Bangalore, India) had never heard of such a thing but completely understood my upset and arranged for a courier to be here the next day, with packaging, to pack up the laptop and deliver it back to the factory in Ireland. It would be fixed and returned to me in five working days.

Sensing my disappointment, he explained that on-site engineers don't carry spare keyboard casings. We agreed on arrangements for the courier pick-up.

The call left me feeling sad and bereft. A whole week without my new friend and blog.

Five minutes later the 'phone rang. It was Samir, the technician from Dell in Bangalore again, calling to say that he had arranged for an engineer to be at my door within 24 hours to replace the entire keyboard casing.

And it came true. Wow, or what! On-site warranties are well worth getting.

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