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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Micro communities of "personal journal" bloggers

Yesterday, I spent editing a continuation of my post last week Something wrong in the blogosphere? It was turning into an essay. I posted Part One and Part Two yesterday.

If you scroll down to the end of that post you will see that I have today added Part Three. But Part Three has turned into another essay, so I am breaking it up into chapters. Chapter 1 is posted today.

Chapter 2 will be my post for tomorrow. I don't know how many chapters this essay will consist of. It keeps growing and I am enjoying thinking about this subject, so I guess I shall keep posting the essay in chunks until....?

If you have any thoughts ideas or suggestions to offer on this subject of community (or lack of it) in the blogosphere, please do say something, speak, talk, leave a comment so others can share - or email me if you are shy - or both - I don't mind, the more the merrier. In fact, I have just this minute decided that this subject justifies what Danny O'Brien calls a "discussion pit". I am going over to QuickTopic right now to set one up, and link it here - an experimental ongoing comment facility, specifically for this subject.

There are hundreds of you visiting this blog each week - you are most welome to say something here - even if its just hi or add bits anytime.
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Hazel, when you read this could you please tell us about your brilliant little stitching community of bloggers, your Stitching up a Storm blog, and how it has evolved into a specialist network. How did you find each other for a start?!

And James, if you are reading this please share here about of all the other little blogging communities you know about, especially those who write in Korean, how to they compare to the English speaking blogs? If they are different, what are the differences? Is there community spirit? Are they commenting and interacting and linking as much?

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