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Saturday, December 06, 2003

And Flying Snail!

This great bit of amusement showed up in James' blog today.

I was just about to blog that James is funnier that Don Park these days, went over to Don's to check that he was not being as funny and found this!

Please vote Flippery Fish Blog

Kevin Aylward's bit of blog fun is attracting a lot of interest. Yesterday, whenever I clicked into his Wizbang blog, it threw up a white page, like a busy signal. Last night, the closing date for nominations, was the first time I saw his blog. Below is a list of the categories.

This week, in the TLB Blogosphere Ecosystem, Me and Ophelia turned up as a Crawly Amphibian (thanks to Jim, James and Hazel for registering). Mollusc before that.

So, I entered this blog into all three categories, Flippery Fish had not closed and it was accepted there. We've won two votes since last night. One of them might be mine this morning :-) You may only vote once every 12 hours in each poll, so don't be surprised if you see three votes for Me and Ophelia tomorrow ;-)

Best Overall Blog
Best New Blog (Established in 2003)
Best Group Blog
Best Foreign Blog
Best Humor Blog
Best Looking BlogBest Female Authored Blog
Best Liberal Blog
Best Conservative Blog
Best Media/Journalist Blog
Best Ecosystem Higher Beings & Mortal Humans Blog
Best Ecosystem Playful Primates Blog
Best Ecosystem Large Mammals Blog
Best Ecosystem Marauding Marsupials Blog
Best Ecosystem Adorable Rodents Blog
Best Ecosystem Flappy Birds Blog
Best Ecosystem Slithering Reptiles Blog
Best Ecosystem Crawly Amphibians Blog
Best Ecosystem Flippery Fish Blog
Best Ecosystem Slimy Molluscs (and below) Blog
_ _ _

Kevin Aylward

Some bloggers complain about Weblog Awards. It's an amusing way to meet new blogs. Being an entrant helps attract new readers who would not find your blog any other way. Draws people together, gives a sense of community spirit, and a bit of atmosphere - like a gathering. Nothing too serious, most bloggers are creative, have a good sense of humour and make witty comments for a bit of fun and a laugh. This morning my new BlogStats (exclusive to Blogger users) showed several new visitors from Wizbang's blog.

Having just found Kevin's blog I've not yet caught up on his posts. So far, I've gathered that he started Wizbang in April 2003 with no real goal or master plan. He says he just felt like talking - sort of like the Forrest Gump running thing. Started at BlogSpot, moved to another domain he already owned, and then finally arrived at his current permanent location.

Along the way he's helped a few people with various technical issues. He describes himself as a computer geek by trade and says that sharing some knowledge seemed like the natural thing to do. He has a nice clear blog. Easy to use. Not to mention the setting up of the Weblog Awards, nominations and voting system. Pretty neat and a lot of time and effort. Yay for Kevin!
_ _ _

Tips on Wizbang's Weblog Awards

American blogger Meryl Yourish has a great post re Wizbang's Weblog awards, that will lead you to some interesting links. She too is fascinated to see how the awards will play out.

Originally from New Jersey, Meryl is a writer of essays, short stories, and novels. She describes herself as a web developer who used to be a desktop publisher who used to be a typesetter who also used to freelance copy edit, proofread, edit, and write. Used to call herself a one-woman publishing company. Now she calls herself Meryl Yourish, the owner/operator of

Meryl has been growing her weblog since April 22, 2002, because she likes to write. She likes people to read what she writes, and says that weblogs are a wonderful tool for that. Her answer to "Why do you write?" has always been "Why do you breathe?"

Her FAQ says she does not like any housepet that doesn't bark or purr. Also, she really likes the Hulk stuff and intends to keep writing Hulk into her weblog until the day she gets a cease-and-desist letter from Marvel Entertainment Group. But she is hoping that will never happen.

Last summer she moved to the Richmond area where it is less crowded. She talks about her fiance. But is not really engaged. Bill Herbert is her current "fiance". It used to be Tom Paine. It started as a kind of gag: her ultimate compliment to a (male) writer whose work she admires. She asked them to marry her. Bruce said yes, but then Bill was doing some excellent work, and she threw Bruce over for Bill. Someday she may throw over Bill for someone else, but for now, he's her guy.

Depending on who is asking, Meryl is available for writing, HTML, and dates! Read her blog, bio and FAQ to find out more.

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